Poppy: Revealed by Riana Lucas

I absolutely adore this series.  I tore through this book and I’m still pining for more.  I cannot believe the emotion and love that I have for these books and the talent the girls have that write this series!!  I haven’t disliked as single book in this series yet!

Title: Poppy: Revealed (The Deadly Flower Series #3)

Author: Riana Lucas

Publisher: Self-Published

Summary (by Goodreads):

Poppy: Revealed begins with Poppy and her friends locked in battle with the Unseelie Court who have stormed the Seelie Castle interrupting Poppy’s Coronation Ceremony. After Damien’s attack, Poppy finds herself fully entrenched in planning for war with the Unseelie Court. While out for a walk, Poppy is encountered by a mysterious Golden Fae who is also Unclaimed. Interestingly enough, the Golden Fae is capable of tamping down the violence of the disease. Meanwhile, Reed asks Poppy to take him back to the Human World to visit his mother forcing her to fulfill her promise to him.

Will Reed decide to stay in the Human World? What does this dangerous Golden Fae want with Poppy and the Seelie Court? How will Poppy plan, train for, and execute a war with the Unseelie Court?

First Sentences:

“Release me at once!”  I demand, in a voice that would usually be met with immediate compliance.  Except that it is my mother whom I am speaking to and she just shakes her head disapprovingly at me before turning away.  I storm over to the wall or whatever it is and look out at my people and my friends preparing for a battle for their lives, a battle that I should be preparing to be a part of.

My take:

Disclaimers and such: I received this book from Riana Lucas!  (Which I just recently realized is two best friends writing together!) They sent me the first 2 books in this series for me to read and review and were AWESOME to send me the third!!  So although, I received this book for free in exchange for a review, all thoughts are my own.

These characters make me lose sleep and make me bite my nails.  I swear.  They break my heart one moment and make me cheer them on the next.  The villain makes me want to hurl spoons at the wall and a death of a friend makes me sniffle back tears.  I do not want this series to end, but for the health and safety of my job, my husband, and myself…..  seriously, I don’t want it to end…ever.

Poppy: Revealed picks up RIGHT where Poppy: Awake leaves us hanging.  Crazy cliffhangers…these girls…the death of me.  I know I mentioned it in my last review, but I LOVE it when authors pick right up where it left off.  It’s not like I fell asleep for a couple of hours, it’s like I blinked and we’re still in the same room, same situation, same breath… 

Poppy is trying to learn to trust and is allowing herself to slowly open up to her mother about her fears and her feelings.  She’s not quite like this:

But at least she’s not:

At the same time, Reed and Poppy are finding themselves meeting and talking to each other in their dreams.  It soon escalates and it leaves Poppy and Reed trying to figure out what it all means and what is happening between them.

Reed soon admits that he misses his mom and would like to be able to take a trip back to the human world to see her.  When she takes Reed back to visit, Poppy finds that things are not as they should seem and that what may be best for Reed is to stay with his mom.  It starts the biggest “DTR” that I’ve ever read.  Mom, I know you’re probably reading this going, “DTR??”, means “define the relationship”.  🙂

So girls….ummm…..

We are going to get a smooch in the next book right?  Because you know I’ve been DYING for one and I was SO sure we’d get some lip locking in this one.  I feel like I’m Sebastian from the Little Mermaid yelling at Eric “Go on! Kiss her, you IDIOT!” 🙂  The slow kindling romance in these books are so good though, so I can’t complain too much.  But too much more build up and I’m going to explode.  Haha!

If you’re not reading this series, you are missing out on a great story, an adventure, and some amazing friendships.  Get addicted to the series!  🙂  Poppy  ;  Poppy: Awake  ; Poppy: Revealed


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