The Olympics…need I say more?

Tomorrow the Olympics officially start!  I am SO excited!

I LOVE the Olympics.  I seriously am addicted.  It’s very ironic though.  While these athletes pour sweat, blood and tears into battling and winning titles and medals…I sit on my couch the entire time and watch.  I’ll probably be eating a ton of high calorie items as well.

These humans from every country of the world, every religion, every race…they all go to compete to be the best.  Yes, they may be the best, but the country they represent gets to boast about it for 4 years, until the title goes back up for grabs.  But for those 4 years…they’re on the Wheaties boxes, they’re doing commercials, they’re our mini superhuman gods that we get to boast about and are placed high on our shoulders.

As for the Olympians that got banned from playing, how much would it suck to tell everyone you couldn’t play because of a tweet?  Grandkids will ask her years later what the heck tweets are and how was it that birds caused her to get banned from playing in the Olympics?  And the other girl, this was her second ban for doping!  How stupid could you be to not learn your lesson the first time and then get caught again…RIGHT before the Olympics??

For the next 2 weeks…fast food dinners and cereal is on the menu.  I feel sorry for my DVR, it may or may not overheat by the time the Olympics is over…it’s going to work so hard making sure it records everything I tell it to.  I kinda think the electric companies should cut everyone a liiiiiiittle bit of a break on their bills…be patriotic and show their support.  🙂

Anyways, I’m biased and would love to see the U.S. weigh their carry-on bags down with gold medals back to the U.S.  Overall though, I wish everyone the best of luck and may the best Olympians win!  And as every race can understand:


6 responses to “The Olympics…need I say more?

  1. I totally agree with you! junk food galore! I’m really interested in seeing the opening ceremony because what the Chinese did was AMAZING. 🙂

    • What did you think about the opening ceremony? I was a little disappointed with the whole kids jumping up and down with the huge heads…I liked the flying Mary Poppins and The Queen/James Bond movie/jump into the stadium. It was just a little more different than what I thought it would be…

      • It really was. I wasn’t expecting…that. But yeah, the Queen/James Bond thing was pretty cool. And I do think their “lighting the torch” thing was different and unique.

        And we’ve won 5+ gold medals so far…i think 🙂 Ryan Lochte got our first gold medal. Phelps has gotten laaaaazy.

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