Do you feel neglected?

I suck…I’m sorry.

I’ve been so busy with the new job, hanging with the family…PLUS I had used up 248.6 gigs of my 250 gig hard drive on my computer…  So I upgraded to a 750 gig hard drive 🙂 *squeal* …but that meant my computer was in pieces and out of commission for a couple days.  It was hooooooorrible.  *shiver*  I never want to go without my computer like that again.
Anywho…I just wanted to make sure you knew that you are completely loved and that I haven’t forgotten about you or abandoned you!
I am working on a review for tomorrow so hopefully I can get that all put together before I go to bed!  🙂
Anybody do anything cool for the 4th of July?  I did the fireworks thing and then watched “Independence Day” and “Act of Valor”  while watching pizza. Truly American, huh?

4 responses to “Do you feel neglected?

  1. Totally American! 😀 My town has a small man-made lake, and they shot fireworks!! Really close to where my grandma lives. It was awesome. Did you hear about San Diego?

      • Yeah. In 15 seconds! I feel bad for the people that traveled all that way to see it. But yeah. Just like that! I’m glad you’re still taking time to review books! 😀 oh, how I’ve missed them! Haha I sorta reviewed Fifty Shades of Grey

      • The fireworks event I went to had people sitting in traffic for hours…so I can only image San Diego! ugh! I saw your review on Fifty Shades of Grey! I’ve read through the first two and am now on the third. I have mixed feelings about the series, but I’m a sucker for fanfiction and have enjoyed the series so far! 🙂

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