Admitting what you’re reading…guilty pleasure books in public

We’ve all been there…  You’re reading your guilty pleasure book in public and you get asked THE question.  “What are you reading?”

You could be sitting in the break room at lunch, you could be toting the book around in your purse/your hand/your book bag, you could even just have the book flipped over in the seat of your car…  You’re bound to get THE question.

I just started a new job and I’ve been asked THE question…here’s how it’s gone for me lately.


I’m reading, minding my own business, and someone walks in and asks THE question…

“Whatcha reading?”

My immediate reaction (I tend to get lost in my stories and hate it when I’m interrupted):

I then realize it’s my boss…

I immediately start thinking through my options…

1) Run (most preferable, but I just started this job and don’t want to freak them out quite yet):

2) Hide (next preferable option…but there’s usually not a place to hide):

3) Pretend I didn’t quite hear them (this option should be followed with another question of a completely different topic…this requires some fast thinking):

4) Pretend to go back to work (this only works if I’m near my desk…obviously):

6) Look at my boss like they’re an idiot for asking (this usually backfires, as it usually angers people to be on the receiving end of such a look):

7) Make death threats (Ultimately I view this option as a last resort for obvious reasons…):

8) Fess up and endure the awkward moment (I am not a fan of this option, so I generally go through options 1-7 in my head first and if all else fails…confess):

I would love to know what you’ve told people to hide what you’ve been reading.  Maybe it’s the new Fifty Shades of Gray or the latest YA fiction…do you just come out and say it or are you pretty creative in being able to avert the question?  And don’t tell me that you don’t read your guilty pleasure books in public…you have at one point in your life risked the odds by sitting in plain sight, reading one.



9 responses to “Admitting what you’re reading…guilty pleasure books in public

  1. Ha, ha! My favorite guilty pleasure “book” is trashy entertainment magazines (I don’t even have high enough standards to have a book!)–which I read on the bus while everyone else is trying to be smart and pay attention to The Economist.

    • Hahaha! My sister in law is awesome and gives me her People magazines when she’s finished reading them. I tend to place them on the end of my desk when I’m through in case someone else wants to read them…and I’ve gotten a few raised eyebrows! 🙂

  2. Oh man, I recently was asked this question at the dentist’s office and I showed them the cover of the book and gave them the title (Wife 22) and then started to explain what it was about and then realized it was oddly embarrassing to get excited about talking about a book about a middle-aged woman’s dissatisfaction with her marriage. So then I just felt awkward. Maybe I should just lie. “Oh, just the unabridged version of the Cat in the Hat.”

  3. Hmm. Occasionally I’ll read children’s fiction (hey they’re fun), and the covers would be less than mature, so it’s a little embarrassing when people see them, haha.

  4. OMG! I hate being asked that question. haha especially when I’m reading the best part! Then I have to stop and answer, then comes the “what is it about?” question. *rolls eyes dramatically* it’s so sad, so sad because I’m so polite that i’ll answer their question. My mother raised me to be polite…why, mother, why?

    Love the gifs by the way! 😀

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