So…what I’m about to tell you is the truth and also an excuse as to why I’ve been a little absent this week… (if you haven’t seen my Top Ten Tuesday yet, it’ll show how poorly I’ve done this week on blogging).

I started a new job on Monday!  Love it.  The people are amazing.  I’m being challenged to LEARN all new things.  People have been very patient with my mistakes.  So I’m SUPER excited about it!  🙂

My last job was a lot more “lax”.  I was able to sneak a few minutes to update something on my blog or check on other blogs to see their posts.  Since this is a new job and I’m running around learning things and trying to keep my head above water…I haven’t had any down time to do anything with the blog at work.

A few things will NOT change:

I’m AM going to continue the blog. Never fear.

I will always post new reviews for books each week. I will never quit reading, therefore I will never stop reviewing.

I may not always be able to post the TTT or get two reviews in the week, but I wanted you to know what was up in case I may SEEM a little wishy-washy this next week or two as I set a new rhythm with the new job and new work schedule.

*HUGS for everyone!*


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