Poppy:Awake by Riana Lucas

In this second book…it starts off RIGHT where the last one ended and keeps going.  Totally made my day.  Love that.  Plus this book has it’s own adventure, secrets, romance, new faces…it’s just a total 5 star.  Well, if my characters don’t get to kissing soon, it may not stay 5 star for long…

Title: Poppy:Awake (The Deadly Flower Series #2)

Author: Riana Lucas

Publisher: Self-published

Summary (by Goodreads):

In the second book of The Deadly Flower Series, Poppy:Awake, Poppy has a feeling that there is something important she needs to do, but she just cannot remember what it is. After being nearly killed at the hands of Holly, Poppy slowly regains consciousness as a prisoner of the Seelie Court. At least that’s what Poppy believes at first. She cannot help but to wonder why she is being treated so well. She has a luxurious bedroom instead of a cell in the dungeon and a hand maid by the name of Willow who is assigned only to her. To anyone else this would seem to be a perfect arrangement, but it becomes quite clear that the Queen and the entire Seelie Court has a secret. Unfortunately this is not the only problem. Poppy wakes up every morning from horrible dreams that she just cannot seem to remember. But they leave her with a sense of urgency to see her friends Reed and Rho, who she now believes are in trouble over at the Unseelie Court. Will the Queen let Poppy in on the secrets of her Court? Will she ever be allowed to return home? And will she reunite with Reed and Rho and finally discover what is happening with them?

First Sentences:

I awake with a start.  My hand automatically reaches under my pillow for a dagger that is not there.  I reach around, hoping that it has only shifted in my sleep, but I am unable to locate it.  I jerk up in my bed and throw my pillow aside.  It is not there.  I look around the room frantically trying to locate any threat.  Something woke me up and I am not sure what it was.

My take:

Disclaimers and such: I received this book from Riana Lucas, herself!  She was brave enough to send me 2 books in this series for me to read and review!  So although, I received this book for free in exchange for a review, all thoughts are my own.

You know what I love, more than a good story?  I love it when authors pick up RIGHT where they left off.  Seriously! It’s like pressing “pause” on your favorite movie and then being able to go right back and hit “play”.

*SPOILER FOR THE FIRST BOOK* Poppy in the last book had been running around with Reed (a halfling) in order to take him back to the Unseelie court, when she finds herself being tracked by another Fae in the human realm.  The first story leaves us with Reed, Poppy, and an uncooperative Holly walking through the woods to get to a mountain in order to create a portal and go back to the Fae realm.  Unfortunately, when Poppy makes makes a portal, she finds herself staring at the Seelie Queen and Reed gets sucked into another portal that opens with Damian inside.  Talk about a cliff hanger…. *END SPOILER*

So now…Poppy wakes up in a comfortable bed with servants who attend to her needs, a new wardrobe, amazing food, etc.  She is utterly confused as to why the Seelie Queen would treat her so nicely since she’s a prisoner.   She also knows that she’s forgetting something important, that for some reason she needs to do something, but can’t quite remember.  As Poppy slowly unravels the secrets she finds herself growing more confused and more worried about Reed, who is in the Unseelie prisons while she’s at the Seelie court.

First of all…Reed and Poppy…they need to freaking kiss already.  I’m DYING for them to do some lip locking action.

I want this…shamelessly.

Second of all, I love a good rescue story…especially if the girl has to rescue the boy.  Plus Poppy’s made some new “friends” at the Seelie court and has an entourage to help her sneak back into familiar Unseelie territory.

Thirdly, this book had A LOT going on.  Secrets, journeys, new friends, a death…it’s all packed together in this second book! The ending of this book left me satisfied, but still wanting more.

I really enjoyed the second book of the series!  I almost think the first book and this one could be worked together to be combined, but it’s a good either way!  🙂  I’m in love with faeries!  I think I JUST now realized that.

I’m dying for the next book…Riana, I’d love to read it when you get it finished!  *hint hint*  🙂

You can find this book here for $1.99: Amazon.com


PS:  Riana mentioned on her blog that the third book will be out June 12th for the Kindle!!  🙂

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