Top Ten Blogs or Sites I Read That Aren’t About Books

Top Ten Tuesday: “Top Ten Blogs/Sites I Read That Aren’t About Books”

Top Ten Tuesday is a fun way to spice up Tuesdays (because everyone hates Mondays, Wednesdays are  the halfway point, Thursdays are “little Fridays”, and everyone knows about Fridays… :)) and it’s hosted by The Broke and Bookish.


Apparently I’m TOO bookish…so I’m breaking it up with 5 non-bookish and 5 bookish sites!  🙂  I’m such a rebel!!

Top 5 NON Bookish sites:

Post Secret – If you haven’t visited this site before, watch the video below to get an idea of how amazing it is (the video is a little lengthy, but the ending had me in tears)!  Basically people send this gentleman a post card with a secret they’ve been keeping.  It’s anonymous and for some people, it’s a way to get that “thing” off their chest that they’ve been holding onto for a long time!  (There are a few postcards on the site that are graphic or sexual in nature, so be forewarned.)  He updates the blog every Sunday with new secrets.

Facebook – Do I really need to explain my addiction to Facebook?  Haha!!  Always on it!

Pinterest – This is the place where we have magical looking houses, the best recipes that makes food look like they came out of magazines, and where we have oodles of time to do all the DIY projects.  I LOVE this site!  It’s like a real life fairytale!  Haha!

Gofobo – (Thank me later!)  This national website is a site that posts up FREE screenings for movies that are coming out.  You do have to create an account, but it’s ABSOLUTELY free.  No gimmicks or weird things to do.  You basically create an account, search your zip code and sign up for passes for movies that interest you.  If you find you CANNOT go to the screening, please opt out so someone else can grab your passes instead.  Always show up to the movie at least an hour to an hour and a half ahead of time to turn in passes, grab seats, etc.  There will ALWAYS be a line for the screenings (it’s FREE!).  Needless to say, I check this religiously to see when new movies pop up for private screenings open to the public.

The Pioneer Woman – She’s HILARIOUS and has the most amazing blog.  I love reading about the rustic-ness of life for her.  A city girl turned country.  PLUS her recipes are always awesome and she takes fabulous photos while making her food so you see step by step what it’s supposed to look like as you go along!!

Top 5 BOOKISH sites: – I know this site REALLY isn’t bookish…but it’s basically all I use for!  I love browsing their books for the Kindle…seeing which ones are on sale, which ones are FREE,..etc.  I’m addicted.

Goodreads – I use this site religiously!  I’m always checking lists of books that will be coming out, lists that show amazing covers, lists that have books that “are like [such and such book] “, etc.  This site connects authors and readers together really well!  I feel like Goodreads is a gold mine for bookish people in general!!  Haha!

NetGalley – this site is geared towards Librarians, people in the media, educators, journalists, serious bloggers, etc.  Publishers use this website to post their books to it and allow people to read and review their book BEFORE it’s published! You can’t be afraid of rejection when you use this site.  You may request to read the book, but be ready for companies to turn you down.  ALSO, if you get a book, be kind and review in a timely fashion.  If you decide halfway through you can’t stand the book, you are allowed to “reject” the book and let the publisher know it wasn’t your “cup of tea”.

My City’s Library Website – I’m constantly checking on my “hold” list to see if books have shipped or not.  PLUS I’m always putting more books on hold or having to renew the books that I have out!  Plus my library just recently have been offering books out as ebooks…so I’ve been keeping an eye out for books to borrow online!  🙂


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