Sweet Blood of Mine by John Corwin

This book was filled with a ton of AWESOME witty comebacks and sayings.  I found myself laughing out loud through many sections.  I was a bit on the fence on this book because of a couple different things, but it certainly was a funny read and most definitely different.  There were so many different types of “creatures”…it was kind of awesome.

Title: Sweet Blood of Mine

Author: John Corwin

Publisher: Raven House

Summary (by Goodreads):

From Mega Nerd to Super Stud.

Justin Case and women do not mix. Man boobs, a love of Kings and Castles, and being tight with the “nerd” crowd certainly don’t win him any points either. After rescuing Katie, his crush, it turns out she might not be the girl he thought she was, while Elyssa, the school’s Goth Girl, turns out to be more. Can high school get any more confusing?

Determined to improve himself, he joins a gym and meets a sexy girl that just oozes a “come hither, Justin” vibe. Until she attacks him in the parking lot, and Justin realizes she’s no ordinary girl but a being with supernatural speed and strength. After a narrow escape and an excruciating migraine headache, he wakes up with supernatural abilities all his own: speed, strength, and the ability to seduce every woman he sees.

While that might sound like the perfect combo for any hormonal teen, Justin is a hopeless romantic who wants his first time to be special. Is that too much to ask for? But he doesn’t know what he is or how to stop his carnal urges. One thing is clear: If he doesn’t find answers there are other more sinister supernaturals who would like nothing better than to make him their eternal plaything and do far worse than kill him.

First 4 Sentences:

I glanced at the time on my phone as I strode for the exit of the high school.  My Kings and Castles after-school club meeting had run a bit long thanks to some over-excited nerds who didn’t like a few rule changes the national committee had passed down.  As if the committee cared what Justin Case and his fellow nerds thought.  Now I was running late for “sword” practice with my two best friends, Mark and Harry, and dying to test the new foam sword I’d constructed for the upcoming tournament.

My take:

Disclaimers and such: I received this book from the group on Goodreads called: “Shut Up & Read” in their Read It & Reap section.  So although, I received this book for free in exchange for a review, all thoughts are my own.

So first of all, this book is downright hilarious.  The wittiness, the comments…it was just great to read something that was truly sarcastic and actually funny.  That meant I took a lot of “screen shots” of some funny sections on my iPad while I read…I had to pick a couple favorites to put up here!

I stood in the doorway for a stunned moment, unsure if my skills as Kings and Castles woodland elf had prepared me to take on a challenge like this.  Nathan could pass for an ogre.  His neck had more girth than one of my legs, which was probably why he was an all-star football player.  It meant suicide to attack that monster.


A warm hand touched my neck.  I shrieked like a little girl in a helium factory.  Stacey stood behind me.  Just great.  Now they’d have a video of me screaming too.

Secondly, I felt the book was a little disjointed…written in two sections.  The first half is this nerd being super bullied and not just by the football jocks…it was administrators, teachers, coaches…they ALL seemed to have it in for Justin.  The second half I felt was the section where he finds out who he is, who his girlfriend is, who his dad is, who his mom is, etc. etc. etc.

It’s as though, just about everyone he knew really wasn’t human.  It was a little disorienting to place a character and then have to change it all up halfway through the book.

Thirdly, I don’t mind a little sexual tension or angst with my characters, but downright sexual conduct I guess is a bit much for me.  A teenager visiting a strip club or being able to “connect” to females and have them want to rip his clothes off…was a bit much to read.  Props though for the fact that Justin totally wanted to save his “v” card for a special moment and never actually progressed to anything past making out or groping.

If this were a movie, it’d probably a really strong PG-13 or even an R do to the sexual content and couple nudity scenes.   A LOT of people loved this book and if it weren’t for the strong sexual content…I totally would too.  Like I said earlier…the comments, wittiness…it was hilarious to read.   If you read it, PLEASE let me know what you think.  After reading a log of other reviews, I feel like the wet blanket…haha!


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