Thanks for following!!

So this past Friday…I checked my stats (like I normally do about 50 times a day) and I watched as my overall views climbed from 997, 998, 999, to 1000!!!  1,000 views within my first 8 months of blogging!  🙂

Ya’ll…I texted my husband and did my own happy dance in the bathroom at work!

So I just wanted to make sure you knew and understood that I truly appreciate each time you comment, like a post, view a review, or forward on a link in your blog, facebook, twitter, etc.

It really …and I mean REALLY….makes my day to see my notifications and view numbers rise!!  Seriously, it’s like an ego boost…

So without further adieu….

Thank you for following!


3 responses to “Thanks for following!!

  1. Woot, woot! Here is your 1,001st look:). I like reading your blog! I sadly don’t get to do a lot of fun reading with school, so this is like a vicarious look into the YA world–and the book world in general:)

    • Thanks Myra!!! 🙂 Looking back at OBU, I wished I would have done a little more reading…Sarah always had a book or something she was reading. I just felt like I would miss something if I took more than an hour or two for some non-school reading! 🙂

      • Ha ha, me too! I have a lot of friends who do read a lot, even while in school. I always think I should do the same, but then I get bogged down with school work. Blogging is (maybe) a good substitute:)

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