Anathema by K.A. Tucker

I don’t know if it’s because of lack of creative juices or lack of understanding of the book…I procrastinated like 2 days to write a review on this book.  I don’t understand why the cover has her blue..  This book has vampires, alternate universes, sorceresses, billionaires…what DOESN’T it have?

Title: Anathema (Casual Enchantment #1)

Author: K.A. Tucker

Summary (by Goodreads):

Evangeline has spent her teenage years in obscurity. Her foster parents have the emotional aptitude of robots and her classmates barely acknowledge her existence. About to turn eighteen and feeling like a social pariah, she is desperate to connect with someone. Anyone.

When Evangeline meets Sophie after literally stumbling upon her café, she believes she’s found that connection. Willing to do anything to keep it, she accepts a job as Sofie’s assistant and drops everything to fly to Manhattan, where she is thrust into a luxurious world of Prada, diamonds, and limitless cash.

With such generosity and kindness, it’s easy for Evangeline to dismiss certain oddities… like Sofie’s erratic and sometimes violent behavior, and the monstrous guard dogs. She’s even willing to dismiss her vivid dreams of mob-style murders, beautiful homeless people living in caves, and white-eyed demons that haunt her each night as figments of her imagination—especially when one of those figments is the gorgeous Caden. When she wakes up with bite marks on her neck, the fairy tale quickly turns into a nightmare. She slowly unravels the mystery surrounding Sofie and friends, and the reality of the bites and the “dreams.” What she discovers is far more mysterious and terrible than anything she could have imagined.

In a world where everyone has motive to lie for personal gain, Evangeline must decide which deception is least likely to get her killed.

My take:

I tried to explain this book to my husband and JUST doing the basics…it took over 5 minutes.  I really got confused at the beginning of the book and when it ended, I had NO idea how the author came up with all that!  What a crazy and amazing imagination!  Can’t say I’ve read anything like it. 

The book starts with Evangeline; her parents are dead and she’s been passed around in the foster system.  Her current foster parents could care less about her and on a whim, Evangeline decides to accept the offer of a woman (Sofie), whom she barely knows, and leave Portland to go with her to New York.  I feel like I should put a disclaimer here and tell kids “not to try this at home.”

Evangeline gets to the new place in New York where she meets Mortimer and Viggo (some very rich friends of Sofie) and their HUGE dogs.  When Evangeline goes to sleep that first night, she dreams she meets some new people and amongst them is Caden (our cute boy of the story).  As time progresses, Evangeline learns that she’s not dreaming up these new people…she’s actually visiting them…ready for this?… in an alternate universe.  But wait! There’s more!  She soon finds out that she’s not hanging out with normal people…she’s been the guest of vampires and her new friends are vampires as well!  That includes the cute Caden.

Later it explains, there is a curse that has been placed on the vampires in the “real” world and there is a need for Evangeline to bring back a vampire from the alternate universe to help break said curse.   The complication comes from the fact that the alternate universe has no humans, the vampires killed them all, so if a vampire gets brought back successfully, it could go crazy from the smell of human blood.  Also, no one really knows how to transport the alternate universe vampires to the real world.  See why it took me so long to explain this to my hubby?

Like I said before, this book is a huge creative piece of work.  I liked the book overall.  I liked the romance.  I liked the alternate universe condition of no humans and their attempts at sustaining life.  I liked Max (a character I didn’t really mention).  I just…I don’t know what to do about the book in my head.  Does that make me sound crazy??

The ending does leave you hanging.  The ending is NOT absolute yet.  If you wanna take a crack at it…it’s free on right now.  Also, I was left going “WHY is it named Anathema???”  Once I looked up the definition, it makes sense…it will only make sense once the book has been read.


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