Mortal Instruments…movie?

So…I read online that the “Mortal Instruments” series is being turned into a movie.

I looked at my computer and was shocked…

…how did I not know that before I did my review onCity of Bonesyesterday???

Selected to play Clarissa Fay is Lily Collins:

Lily Collins has played in the movies: “Blind Side”, “Abduction”, and “Mirror, Mirror”.  Can someone help her with her eyebrows?  Not trying to be mean…but seriously…

Rumored to play Jace is Jamie Campbell Bower (not confirmed):

Jamie has played in the movies: “Twilight Saga: New Moon and Breaking Dawn 1 & 2”, “Anonymous”, and “Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street”; he also starred as Arthur in the tv show “Camelot”.  I’m not too sure about him being Jace….I see a Chace Crawford, Adam Gregory, or Alex Pettyfer as Jace.

I kinda like Steven R. McQueen for Simon.

No definite date is set on the release of the movie yet.  So hopefully my recommendations for Jace and Simon are taken into account!   Haha!

Here are few links for some information:

Deadline New York

Hollywood Crush

Cassandra Clare’s blog


6 responses to “Mortal Instruments…movie?

  1. I’m surprised you hadn’t heard of this before. I think Lily Collins was cast for the role early last year! There’s a photo of her on CC website with red hair. I don’t know how I feel about Jamie as Jace. Not really what I pictured.

    • Right?!? I had NO clue. I don’t know how that happened! I’ll have to check out the pic of her with red hair! When trying to find a picture for Jamie…I got more and more disheartened. I really hope he doesn’t get the part. 😦

  2. Not a fan of the Mortal Instruments, but I like your moving graphic of Dean from the television show Supernatural 😀 I think it would be cool if they made the Vampire Academy series into a movie, although I’m tired of all the paranormal and dystopian stuff.

    • I actually haven’t read the Vampire Academy series yet!! Isn’t that horrible? I’m guessing from your comment it’s good?
      The paranormal and dystopian are really getting to be overdone…I’m not into the girly books or a “mean girls” type though…It’ll balance out somehow, someday. 🙂

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