Caged in Darkness by J.D. Stroube

I have mixed feelings about this book…the amount of material in this book was amazing.  It was just SO much in such a short amount of time; I felt overwhelmed from time to time.  It was definitely dark with dealing on witches, demons, Nephelim, drinking blood, etc.  Just when I was on a happy book streak…

Title: Caged in Darkness (Caged #1)

Author: J.D. Stroube

Summary (by Goodreads):

A witch raised in a cage of darkness…

Savannah Cross was born into a life of isolation and abuse.
As a child, she witnessed her parents perform acts of malevolent evil, and now feels permanently tainted by their dark deeds.

When a coven discovers a tear stricken child,
wounded on their elders lawn, they offer her a sanctuary she has never known. Savannah spends the next several years shattered, continuously looking over her shoulder, waiting for the darkness to claim her.

On her 16th birthday, Savannah’s life takes a drastic turn. She is consumed by overwhelming power that forever alters her emotionally and physically.

She must choose between two loves; the one who taught her to smile or the darkly seductive stranger who tempts her towards another path.

Savannah must decide between the coven that was her haven and another one vying for her initiation. Just as Savannah begins to grasp what fate has in store for her, an evil looms over her loved ones; coming to claim an unbreakable debt.

How will she survive the greatest evil she has ever witnessed… long enough to have a choice to make?

My take:

The story starts with a girl named Savannah who has been caged in her parents home.  Her mom and dad had started out seemingly normal, but their thirst for power and hunger for more pushed them in the dark witchcraft.  In order to sate their hunger they would often times perform dark magic on Savannah.  You sure you wanna continue reading?  It’s not a happy book.

She manages to run away and finds a safe haven with a coven of witches who do not delve into dark or evil witchcraft.  There she meets Maye, a kind woman who takes her in as her own daughter, and Ash, Maye’s son who is a year or two older than Savannah.  Time progresses and Savannah starts to heal but still carries emotional scars and is afraid to let people into her life.

This book had SO much information regarding witches, dark arts, demons, etc, it just seemed all thrown in there at the same time.  The book alternated between Savannah, Ash, and Liam and it was not a seamless transition.  Events would occur to Savannah while you were reading Liam’s point of view and you would think you missed a chapter of a book somewhere because you never read about the event and end up confused.   I know I read fast, but I couldn’t have missed that many events and be THAT confused!  I couldn’t fall in love with the characters and the ending was CRAZY!  When I say crazy…I don’t mean shocking.  It literally makes you want to go “what was the author smoking when she wrote that?” 

I think if the author would have lengthened the book out, took her time explaining things, and cleaned up the grammar errors/indention errors/word errors…it would have been a decent book.  I’m trying to do this as nice as possible!!  I just … *shrug*…couldn’t get into it and really didn’t love it.  I wanted to.

I’m sorry it’s not a “happy dance” review.  I feel bad publishing a negative review…I almost didn’t want to do the review, but with the good ones come some bad ones.  Maybe it just wasn’t my “cup of tea”.


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