Aurelia by Anne Osterlund

So I kinda judged the book by it’s cover a little bit.  I was thinking, great….”here’s another spoiled rich girl who’s a princess and thinks she deserves something”.  It turned out to be a fluffy mystery book.  I can explain the “fluffy” comment below.

Title: Aurelia (Aurelia #1)

Author: Anne Osterlund

Summary (by Goodreads):

An impressive debut, equal parts commercial appeal and literary prowess.

Princess Aurelia is next in line to rule the kingdom of Tyralt, but she would rather be one of the common folk, free to learn and roam and . . . not marry the next tyrannical prince that comes courting. Naturally, the king wants Aurelia to marry for political power. Aurelia wants to marry for love. And someone in the kingdom wants her . . . dead. Assigned to investigate and protect Aurelia is Robert, the son of the king’s former royal spy and one of Aurelia’s oldest friends. As Aurelia and Robert slowly uncover clues as to who is threatening her, their friendship turns to romance. With everything possible on the line, her life, her kingdom, her heart, Aurelia is forced to take matters into her own hands, no matter the cost.

My take:

The reason why I said “fluffy” up above is because it was a light read.  Smooth, no bumps, figured out who the culprit was half way through, but still enjoyed the read.  I do have the second book Exile from the library and will probably read it since there were good reviews on it.  Otherwise, I could have probably left this book by itself since there’s no cliff hanger.

Aurelia is a naive princess who has no idea that she has had multiple assassination plots on her life. Why are all princesses seemingly naive in books?  Her father had remarried after his first wife left him long ago and the new stepmother means that there is a step daughter involved.  In the beginning you somewhat get a “Cinderella” impression from the stepmother as she seems very cold and removed from Aurelia.  Stepmothers….why are they all mean in books too?

The king has sent a letter to have a spy back in the palace to figure out just who is trying to kill Aurelia and a small romance bud appears between our princess and our spy. Just a romance bud….nothing more. *sigh   As Robert swears to find who is behind the plot, all his leads bring him back to royalty…but which one?  The Queen or a foreign King that has been visiting for far too long?

Like I mentioned earlier, the book was good.  Light and easy read.   I was halfway through before we did our traveling for Thanksgiving and since everyone was tired, I finished it on the way back.  My sister in law didn’t seem surprised I had gotten it read within and hour and a half.  I tend to read WAY too fast.  


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