Stolen: A letter to my captor by Lucy Christopher

I’m actually having difficulty trying to summarize my feelings about the book.  I sat and read this completely entranced with wondering what happened.  I read it in a day.  I liked it, but struggled with some parts trying to figure out what parts could be realistic. I’ve never really been this confused over a book….I don’t know WHAT is going on!

Title: Stolen: A letter to my Captor

Author: Lucy Christopher

Summary (from Goodreads):

Sixteen year old Gemma is kidnapped from Bangkok airport and taken to the Australian Outback. This wild and desolate landscape becomes almost a character in the book, so vividly is it described. Ty, her captor, is no stereotype. He is young, fit and completely gorgeous. This new life in the wilderness has been years in the planning. He loves only her, wants only her. Under the hot glare of the Australian sun, cut off from the world outside, can the force of his love make Gemma love him back? The story takes the form of a letter, written by Gemma to Ty, reflecting on those strange and disturbing months in the outback. Months when the lines between love and obsession, and love and dependency, blur until they don’t exist – almost.

My take:

So the book is all written from the perspective of Gemma, the girl who is kidnapped and she’s writing this to Ty, her captor.  You don’t know a lot about Gemma in the beginning, but she slowly starts to unravel her story through her memories and things Ty says to her.

This book was kinda creepy from the stand point that you find out this guy had been stalking her for years and felt overcome with this need to “rescue” her from her friends and parents.  She’s being kept in a house in the Australian outback in a huge vast of nothingness.  How depressing would that be?  One moment you’re in an airport, the next is a dried up wasteland of desert.

There were a couple things that I felt had an unrealistic aspect.  One was the fact that he was very good looking.  I mean seriously good looking.  Blue eyes, flat stomach with a million abs, great smile….maybe that’s the scary part, the fact that a kidnapper could be so good looking and not so creepy.  The second was the amount of time he spent stalking her, the amount of time he spent building the house/buildings, and the amount of money he would have needed to accomplish flying around to do both of those things. 

I won’t ruin it, but I liked the ending and the scenarios that she writes about.  I feel like it’s the way the author kinda justifies herself and the way she ends the story.  So I felt closure when the story ends…if that makes any sense.

Read it, tell me if you liked it.  Would you have changed anything?


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