Where were you?

Yesterday, my husband and I watched a million hours worth (ok, not really a million hours, but a LOT) of shows on the History channel that dealt with September 11 and what happened here 10 years ago.

First of all, can you believe it’s been 10 years ago already?

Secondly, while watching it unfold again on tv, I realized I had never asked my husband “Where were you when it happened?”  So it opened up a conversation between us and we both expressed what happened to us on that day.

I was homeschooled, (see….all the dorky-ness should make sense now…) and my mom was avidly into watching the stock market on MSNBC or whatever channel it continuously runs across the bottom of the screen.  10 years ago, I was in highschool so I was finishing doing my hair and makeup at the time and I heard my mom start calling me downstairs to watch what was going on.  My dad at the time traveled a lot and was in Washington D.C. on business.  Needless to say, my mother was worried when the phone lines were down or all busy and she couldn’t reach my dad.   So my mom jumped on her computer and started IM’ing through AIM about what was going on and making sure my dad was alive and fine.  Now remember…this was all when AIM and MSN messenger were becoming BIG!  My mom let my brother and I watch it all unfold on tv that morning and afternoon, it was history.

I think the craziest thing about watching it all was when they showed people jumping or falling out of the buildings.  I could not understand why people would do that, I thought “Why not wait to be rescued?”  But then watching the towers as they fell…it all seemed like a horror movie…it didn’t seem real.  I sat there in shock.

My husband at the time (who was in high school as well), went to a private school.  When he got to the school he noticed a group of people around a tv and saw that they were showing the first tower had been hit.  When the  bell rang for class, the second tower got hit.  Unfortunately, the teachers didn’t let them watch what was going on, but in between classes, he would get updates on what happened.

So, if you read this…please tell me “Where were you?”  I’m sure we’d all have to try and remember what we did last month, but 10 years ago on that day, it seems like everyone remembers what they were doing or where they were.



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