Birthday, Sick, and Vacations!

So I’ve been absent a few weeks haven’t I?  I’m so sorry!

Last week included my birthday…so needless to say, I was going and going and going!  It was a great week!

Then bright and early Monday morning, I woke up sick!  …so needless to say, I’ve been sleeping and sleeping and sleeping!  I honestly haven’t been feeling up to par with updating in between blowing my nose and coughing!

Friday I leave to go to Orlando to visit Disney World and Universal Studios with my whole family-in-law!!  …so needless to say (haha!), I’ll be walking and walking and walking!  I can’t wait, but I’m hoping I’ll be completely over whatever I have right now to enjoy myself!

I’m trying to “put out” before I go, a couple of reviews for you to munch on while I’m gone.

Love you all bunches!



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