Twilight: To be…or not to be…sparkly

Twilight has so many people ready to kill each other.  Seriously, desperate love or furious hatred over these books has been crazy.  So, like Hunger Games, I am going to give my two cents on the matter and let you all decide on which side you stand on…I’m serious, the line has been drawn in the sand…and you can’t claim Switzerland on this one (stupid Bella).

Ok, I LOVED the books.  *hides

Ok, I HATED the movies. *hides again

Seriously.  Everything in the first movie was blue.  The meadow wasn’t right.  Bella blinks way too freaking much.  Edward just seems totally awkward.  *sigh

Does anyone else think that Rosalie in the movies isn’t really all that hot?  …or is that my insecurities…hmm.

Then in the second movie, everything was this golden hue.  Graphics got way better and Jacob got hotter.  Very much was on Edward’s team until New Moon movie came out…heellloooo Jacob! … I jumped on that bandwagon just for looks alone….my husband is going to kill me.

Then the third movie got better, more interesting, and more awkward.  Maybe it’s because the first movie was so horrible, I still cringe at trying to watch the others.

Don’t even get me started on the fact that the last book is broken down into 2 movies.

To me, this is important.  Team Edward = books.  Team Jacob = movies.  Hey…don’t judge.  Don’t.

Soooooo…I liked the books!  Good ol’ fiction.  Yes, the vampires sparkle….someone made up the story about a little boy who uses fairy dust to fly and can go to Never Never Land…like I said good ol’ fiction…this was not Interview with a Vampire.    I like the twist of using animal blood versus human blood, the good vamps vs bad vamps, and the fact there’s like a council group of old men that get grumpy when youngin’s (that’s Texas twang for young people) start messing around with the rules which makes them have to get out of their rockers to fix the problem.

So…that’s my take on it. What team are you on?  Books or movies?  If you got to hate: don’t bash, be a critic.

Enjoy the Youtube video below.  I laughed my head off the first time I watched it.

Buffy vs Edward: Twilight Remix


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